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Infor m ation Technology

Systems Integration

We connect human intuition with technical expertise.

Cambria is highly skilled in requirements development, interface development, conversion, testing, system implementation, training and project management. We are also experienced in managing a full range of technical issues and risks, enabling us to proactively identify technology problems and opportunities.

We carefully consider all of the technology aspects of the project, including how they relate to the projects strategic and business operations aspects and the involved team. Even the most technical problems are still people problems.

Services Descriptions

While there are many industry-specific COTS products available, we understand that each business is still unique—with complex requirements that often need a custom technology solution. Cambria has successfully helped our clients understand and implement the right technology solutions that are custom-tailored to meet mission critical business needs and technology standards at an enterprise level. We put our proven system development methodologies into action and work closely with each client to analyze, plan, design, develop, test, and deploy each solution successfully.

COTS software products continue to meet more business needs with robust, configurable solutions for targeted industries and service delivery models. Cambria believes that success starts by first becoming business experts, then enabling the technology to properly solve the business problems once you fully understand them. Along these lines, it is critical to identify, evaluate, and select the right COTS product for your business. Our team can help set your organization on the right course for success up front. Then, we continue to make success happen through our systems integration work.

A well-planned solution architecture is the blueprint for a successful technology project. Our solution architecture is more than just understanding the technical architecture—it requires business architecture prowess as well.

The combination of deep business and technology experience enables us to provide enterprise architecture solutions that meet the demands of CIO’s—from their organizations, customers, and business partners. Cambria’s solution architecture services includes IT strategy and management, business architecture (e.g., business process analysis and modeling, business process reengineering, best practices), and technical architecture (e.g., application architecture, system architecture, environment design/configurations).

Technology Services

Creating an effective strategy with your information management solution takes technical ability, sensitivity to business needs, and management experience in equal measure.

Our professionals deliver application support, solution management, business process support, data governance, and quality support-related services

Services Descriptions

We connect human intuition with technical expertise. Our technology integration services are designed to help your organization use smart, efficient ways to optimize and realize more value from their technology. Through our Systems Integration capabilities we leverage a highly industrialized model to help organizations accelerate through application go-live and toward operating at peak performance. Our services are designed to deliver value throughout every phase of the life cycle and to help our clients realize their return on investment.

  • Cross platform custom development
  • Database and system administration
  • Full systems lifecycle design, development and implementation support
  • Testing services

We create solutions and strategies that are sharply focused while taking the full operating model into account, from people and intellectual capital to technology and processes. And when it comes time to put technology to work, we bring a demonstrated depth of knowledge to design, select and implement a technology solution that meets your business needs.

  • Application strategy, selection, and rationalization
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Technology and data security assessments
  • Infrastructure and Data Center assessments
  • IT governance, operating & delivery models
  • IT service management
  • Cloud strategy & advisory

Cambria is a key partner with strategic clients to help them implement and manage their mission-critical business applications. Our goal is to understand their business almost as well as they do, which enables us to effectively make technology work for them. Our deep and wide-ranging experience allows us to guide our clients successfully towards the long term vision and goals of their organization while meeting the evolving needs of their customers.

  • Application maintenance
  • Technology performance management
  • Infrastructure support
  • System operations
  • Solution enhancements

We can help organizations utilize their valuable data resources through effective use of the right technology, backed by a clear vision. Our services are designed to provide the strategic advice organizations need in support of their efforts to manage data from disparate sources and convert it into consistent, actionable information that can drive competitive advantage. This approach can allow specific functional areas to uniformly interact with each other in response to organizational issues and opportunities.

  • Data cleansing, consolidation and quality management solutions
  • Data conversion services
  • Data standards, policies and procedures
  • Analytics and reporting solutions
  • Development and support for enterprise data warehouses
  • Master data management, data quality, data control

Digital platforms present a unique technical and human challenge. The customer marketplace is constantly changing, technologies continually evolve, and the required technical skill sets are difficult to come by. As a result, many organizations find themselves with a complex digital environment that is difficult to manage and costly to maintain. Our digital application development and maintenance services specialists offer the technical, functional, and design talent you need to effectively leverage today’s digital platforms.

  • Concept, design and build digital experiences
  • Customer relationship management
  • Digital content/web
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Mobile and web

Project Management and Quality Assurance

Delivering tailored solutions time and again.

Cambria has years of experience conducting project management, quality assurance and oversight activities specifically for IT implementations. It’s one of our core competencies and has gained our firm much recognition. Our passionate managers are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP). They understand that thorough and timely risk assessment and issue resolution are key attributes to a successful implementation.

Cambria brings standard methodologies that have proven successful on past projects to proactively identify technology problems and opportunities. Then we work side-by-side with the team to apply the project’s technical efforts and resources towards achieving the project’s business objectives.

Services Descriptions

The success of our clients and our firm is dependent on our successful project management methodologies and capabilities. Cambria’s management team is very experienced in delivering challenging and complex IT projects of all sizes, ranging from a single organization with a handful of stakeholders to statewide projects with thousands of stakeholders. Our PMP-certified project managers have spent years excelling in this discipline, with the specific skills and experience required for our systems integration projects. Our people possess strong executive vision, leadership, and communication skills, and many on our management team have served in an executive role prior to joining Cambria.

Quality assurance (QA) is a core competency of our success. Cambria has provided QA services for a wide variety of clients and IT projects. We have been instrumental in partnering with our clients and overseeing other system integrators to help make success a reality on complex projects. In fact, we believe in QA so much that we even perform it on all of our own projects where we are the systems integrator. Our projects include a QA manager that meets with our clients, project team, and Cambria executives to assess the level of delivery quality required for success and drive improvement measures, if necessary.

Application Management

We understand people and business and what make them work together successfully.

Cambria is a key partner with strategic clients to help them implement and manage their mission-critical business applications. Our goal is to understand their business almost as well as they do, which enables us to effectively make technology work for them.

Our deep and wide-ranging experience allows us to guide our clients successfully towards the long term vision and goals of their organization while meeting the evolving needs of their customers.

Services Descriptions

Cambria has been a trusted advisor and systems integrator on numerous transformational enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects for various levels of government, including cities, counties, and states (single department and statewide). Our team is highly skilled and experienced in business operations and ERP solutions, and we understand the nature and complexities of these often multi-year projects. Cambria performs services on ERP projects including advisory services, project planning and management, RFP management (development, evaluation, and selection), business process reengineering, systems integration/implementation, and quality assurance.

Not only does Cambria successfully implement new solutions, but we also perform ongoing maintenance and operations of critical business applications and system infrastructure. Our team works closely with our client’s business and technology staff. We have been entrusted by numerous clients to keep their business running smoothly and successfully over several years, including performing system upgrades and enhancements.

Technology Partners

Even the most technical problems are people problems.

Cambria offers a wide range of information technology (IT) services, from early IT planning through maintenance & operations. Services that drive change like custom development and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology implementation that support the full lifecycle of projects and assets.

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