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Management Consulting

Business Process Analysis and Reengineering

Purposeful change starts with understanding our clients.

Ultimately, the success of any change will depend significantly upon documenting current processes and systems. This will best train and prepare the agency for its next stage of operations or system development. Cambria’s approach to reengineering is based upon industry standard tools and templates for documentation, combined with uniquely relevant experience, as we have worked with an abundance of agencies, both large and small.

Services Descriptions

Cambria uses collaborative approaches to develop a comprehensive understanding of business processes. We typically begin with initial interviews of executives and management to understand high-level organizational structure and operational roles and responsibilities, including obtaining initial insights on key challenges. We follow this with in-depth reviews of existing data and documentation, as well as conducting staff-level interviews to verify, validate, and assess how processes are conducted.

The key success measures for an organization include streamlined business processes and highly utilized resources for delivering customer service. Based on comparisons to industry best practices and other measures of efficiency and effectiveness, we make recommendations for optimal business processes that maximize how resources are used and improve customer service.

The implementation of new systems and technologies transform how organizations conduct their business. Before any new technology implementation, we document the As-Is and To-Be business processes so the organization fully understands any impacts on its people and processes, to assess how the organization will change, and to develop transition and implementation plans.

Change Management and Training

Humanizing change is the key to true transformation.

At Cambria, we do all we can so that people in an organization are ready, able and willing to implement change successfully. Our flexible team brings the unique, combined skill set of organizational development, insightful guidance and coaching, and in-depth knowledge and experience of training curriculum design and delivery. We emphasize the importance of involving program staff early and often as change agents. It’s this collaborative working style people have come to know us by.

Services Descriptions

The keys to effective management and organizational effectiveness is to determine whether it promotes a positive culture, maintains a lean and efficient decision-making structure, and has appropriate policies and procedures that facilitate accountability. Cambria will conduct a critical assessment of your organization’s structure by examining functional alignment, spans of control, degree of coordination among business units, and management and supervisor responsibilities.

Cambria will facilitate strategic planning sessions with the key internal and external stakeholders of your organization, encompassing input from policy-makers, departmental executives and managers, and staff from both functional and technical perspectives. Obtaining input from across the organizational spectrum is a critical component of future change, since individuals will “own” the results. Once a plan is developed, Cambria develops an implementation plan that clearly defines key tasks and activities, schedules, priorities, and owners to facilitate organizational action.

Our trainers understand that to be successful you have to have in-depth knowledge of training and extensive experience, as well as being sensitive to broader policy issues. Many of Cambria’s IT projects have routinely included curriculum development and training, including train-the-trainer programs. Therefore, we are able to develop and deliver effective, customized training tailored to your specific needs, and to maximize the success of your new technologies and systems.

Feasibility Analysis

Without a human touch, it’s just technology.

Cambria has broad experience developing feasibility study reports and executing IT solutions. Because members of our team have actual implementation experience, we know what it takes to document the business needs of an organization to be successful.

Services Descriptions

Determining whether to implement a new system or technology is a critical decision for your organization and may have significant impacts on your people, processes, budget, as well as your internal and external customers. Cambria has extensive experience conducting feasibility studies that inform the decision on whether to move ahead with the new system or technology investment. We include a comprehensive analysis of costs and benefits that clearly outlines the impacts to your organization.

Your organization must constantly be aware of any new legislative or regulatory requirements that may impact how you conduct business. Cambria understands that it takes careful planning for your organization to efficiently and effectively address and incorporate these changes. Therefore, we conduct feasibility studies on the extent to which new laws may impact your organization. We also help you identify what changes need to be made from a people, process, and technology perspective.

Many organizations are being faced with increased workload demands, while having the pressure of stagnant or decreasing resources to address these demands. Cambria conducts feasibility studies for alternative service delivery approaches, including consolidation, contracting, and privatization. We examine the costs and benefits of different models to provide your organization options on how to continue meeting customer service demands efficiently and effectively.

Procurement Management and Support

Clients are teammates we help solve problems for.

Cambria has provided a wide scope of feasibility study and procurement planning consulting services for clients, including development of State-required Feasibility System Reports, Information Technology Procurement Plans, Requests for Information, Market Surveys, Requests for Offers, and large-scale Requests for Proposals.

Services Descriptions

One of the first steps in the procurement process is to have a clear definition of the scope of work and business or technology requirements that a vendor needs to address. Cambria has extensive experience identifying functional and technical requirements, achieved through facilitation of executive, management, and staff meetings; examination of existing systems and processes; and our industry experience and understanding of best practices from other organizations.

To support your procurement of new systems or technologies, Cambria will collaborate closely with your functional, technical, and procurement staff to develop the appropriate documentation for release. Depending on the phase of procurement, we will work with you to develop documents such as Requests for Information, Requests for Qualifications or Quotation, and Requests for Proposal.

Before your procurement documents have been issued, the response evaluation structure must be thoroughly defined, formalized, and transparent. Cambria will work closely with your organization to facilitate a vendor evaluation and selection process that promotes reasonableness and fairness, with the ultimate goal of selecting the best fitting vendor that meets your organizational needs.

Program and Project Management

The ability to adapt is ultimate sign of a true partnership.

Cambria provides program and project management support services to help multiple teams launch their efforts and devise realistic, actionable plans.

Being realistic includes a sense of responsibility and understanding that the further into a project you get, the more ideas and opportunities present themselves. And because of our highly collaborative approach, Cambria is better positioned to recognize when one must adapt in order to truly meet the clients’ needs in the most effective manner.

Services Descriptions

Our methodology embraces an enterprise approach that considers all key aspects of your management, organizational, operational, and technology environments. The objective of establishing a best practice PMO is to promote effective processes and guidance to manage the daily project activities, establish and monitor the project schedule, promote an effective partnership with the key stakeholders, and verify the direction and quality of project deliverables. Cambria understands that a successful PMO uses best practice tools and methodologies and creates a PMO that is collaborative, efficient, effective, and sustainable.

The implementation of a new system may be one of the most impactful events for your organization, since it transforms how you conduct business and, ultimately, how you deliver services to your internal and external customers. Cambria not only has extensive project management experience, but we also provide in-depth industry experience and knowledge to facilitate the design of a new system, manage its development and address your business and technical requirements, and finally implement the new system in a manner that creates value for your management, staff, and customers.