Value in Value Streams

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The concept of Value Streams reorients thinking from the vertical to the horizontal, where people, resources, tools, information, and even finances are managed, and at times organized, horizontally across the vertical functional areas aligned for the same common purpose of delivering a product or service. It reorients “top-down” hierarchical organizational thinking, to “right-left” or preferably, “left-right” thinking with a bias towards removing barriers to value flow.​​​​​​​

The Successful Product Owner

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What makes a good Product Owner great? Consider the Pragmatic Marketing Framework below. Assume for a moment that this framework adequately outlines the skills, tasks, and tactics that a Product Owner may be responsible for while managing a technology product. What type of person would be able to do it? Aside from the vast number…

The Product Owner

The Role of Product Owner

The Product Owner (PO), is a position created during the early years when Scrum was conceptualized. The role and responsibilities materialized out of a reaction to heavy, big, up-front, rigid requirements gathering within traditional, heavily predictive, "waterfall" project management frameworks. It is one of three main roles within Scrum: Development Team, Scrum Master and Product…

Product Ownership Structure

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How organizations or enterprises define the roles and responsibilities of the Product Owner (PO) and how they organize their resources can vary. The factors that influence this decision are numerous, and these variables certainly can change over time. But, generally how the PO position is defined hinges on the type of organization: Software Product Organization (SPO; i.e. Amazon)…

Thinking like a Lean-Agile Coach

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Are you a lean-agile thinker? Do you want to be? Who are Lean-Agile Coaches and what do they do? Let's take a look at the role of Lean-Agile coaching and lean-agile thinking; starting with the "lean" side of things. Quality Systems thinking was introduced by Edward Deming in the mid 1950’s and 1960’s. While shunned…

Agile for Dummies

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Agile is not a silver bullet methodology that helps engineers build product faster or somehow equips organizations to deliver higher quality software to customers more frequently at less cost. Rather, it is a journey that builds the organizational culture, mentality, and behaviors that deliver more value to its customers with higher quality, greater reliability, and improved timeliness. Striving…