Computers Are Hard, Work Doesn’t Have To Be

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There is always an occasion where there is a complex issue, one that even the most skilled engineer struggles with. I do quite a bit with cars (restoring, building, and racing) and they are fairly simple machines all things being said. In that problem solving phase, without fail, in will sweep the Sunday mechanics with…

Innovation: Creativity & Knowledge Executed

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To answer the question of what is innovation, I’ll compare it to a Center of Excellence; compare innovation to creativity; compare it to Research, and present four stories along the way about the innovation process of a local pizza restaurant. Innovation vs Center of Excellence A Center of Excellence (CoE) is a dedicated group of…

DevSecOps and the Cloud Journey

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DevSecOps is an extension of the DevOps model that includes security in all phases of the System Development Lifecycle. DevOps is a team approach with no silos between development and operations; team members with skills across the system development and operations functions work together on the same teams, creating products that are quickly and frequently deployed to production to achieve business value for the customer.

8 Types of Agile Contracts With Pictures

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In his book "Ten Contracts For Your Next Agile Project" (available at, Peter Stevens provides a wealth of information about Agile contracts, development risks, sourcing Agile vendors, guidance on choosing the most appropriate Agile contract, and more. In this article, I will briefly summarize eight of the ten contracts described in Stevens’ book that can be used for Agile contracts in the government sector.

Are You Multiexperienced?

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Welcome to your new technology buzz word of the year Multiexperience Development Platforms (MXDPs). So what is that you might ask? It is the next evolution of the platform or low-code concepts.

Value in Value Streams

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The concept of Value Streams reorients thinking from the vertical to the horizontal, where people, resources, tools, information, and even finances are managed, and at times organized, horizontally across the vertical functional areas aligned for the same common purpose of delivering a product or service. It reorients “top-down” hierarchical organizational thinking, to “right-left” or preferably, “left-right” thinking with a bias towards removing barriers to value flow.​​​​​​​

The Digital Art of Laziness & Break Dancing


Ok, so maybe it’s not laziness, let’s call it “the art of humans having better things to do” and the break dancing part, well it's just funny. I personally always felt that the most innovative technologists were lazy. Not that they didn't work hard, but that they didn't like to do repetitive tasks. Why go…

The Successful Product Owner

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What makes a good Product Owner great? Consider the Pragmatic Marketing Framework below. Assume for a moment that this framework adequately outlines the skills, tasks, and tactics that a Product Owner may be responsible for while managing a technology product. What type of person would be able to do it? Aside from the vast number…