Airports and WIP Limits


While there are many practices for getting work done more quickly, by far, the most effective practice is to limit WIP (work in progress). I began to talk to people about "Stop starting and start finishing" or "Favor finishing over starting." I used a few different metaphors, including that of a marathon.

Program Design and Delivery (PDD) for HHS Agency Transformation Initiatives

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Successful transformation projects have experienced leadership, technical expertise, and adequate funding. So do many of the failures. Click here to learn about the one characteristic common to all successful projects and how Cambria’s Program Design and Delivery (PDD) Team concept provides that success to your digital or organizational transformation projects.

New CFO & California Lead

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Cambria appoints Ki Kim as CFO, and Senior Executive Director, Diana Lee to oversee all California projects. With almost three decades of combined experience, they have been helping the firm continuously grow while supporting our core values. Ki Kim has been promoted to Chief Financial Officer and will oversee financial operations that has doubled revenue…

Adaptive Planning and the MES Transformation Lifecycle

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This is the first in a series of white papers by Cambria Solutions written to encourage dialog among State Medicaid Agencies (SMAs), vendor partners, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) about navigating the path to modularity and establishing effective transformation to new Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES). Read more: CSI-Adaptive-Planning-and-the-MES-Transformation-Lifecycle-Nov-2020

Leaving Your Legacy Behind: An MES Transformation Lifecycle Use Case

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“How do we move from the legacy MMIS to new technologies without any disruption in service or major changes to the legacy system?” Whether operating their own mainframe-based system or using a big-bang solution provided by a vendor partner, States are struggling to make the leap from legacy to modular Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES). Here’s…

The Consultant’s Volume Dial

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Like most consultants, I consider myself highly motivated. I’m motivated by solving complex problems and moving on to solve the next complex problem. My natural inclination is to go hard, go fast, and not stop. That works for me. But does that work for my clients? Much more often than not, it doesn’t. In fact,…

Three States Select Cambria Solutions to Guide Development of Critical Medicaid Management and Information Systems

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Our extensive knowledge of the complex Medicaid and Public Health ecosystem, coupled with our expertise in transformation consulting, has once again shown to be in high demand. Over the past few years, Cambria has been entrusted to help guide the planning and implementation of several state Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS). We have supported LA,…