DevSecOps and the Cloud Journey

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DevSecOps is an extension of the DevOps model that includes security in all phases of the System Development Lifecycle. DevOps is a team approach with no silos between development and operations; team members with skills across the system development and operations functions work together on the same teams, creating products that are quickly and frequently deployed to production to achieve business value for the customer.

Tips to Migrating Workloads off Legacy Mainframes

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As we talk to our clients, the opportunities to reduce IT spend across an organization are at an all time high, from the advent of Cloud computing, to easily transitioning legacy workloads to new platforms. Migrating rapid, low-risk mainframes to distributed environments are becoming the norm. Thousands of MIPS (Microprocessor without Interlocked Pipeline Stages) are being moved to…

The Future of Data Centers

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Sinking the Data Center....on Purpose. Ahoy! What if you could put an entire data center in a submarine and drop it at the bottom of the ocean? The folks at Microsoft and Project Natick said, why not?  This innovative project is now entering its second phase of testing with a large scale model. So why would anyone…

The Big Picture Behind DaaS

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Let’s talk about an emerging trend called Data-as-a-Service (DaaS). DaaS is yet one of the latest addition to the *aaS model. Along with SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. The big picture idea behind the DaaS model is all about offloading the risks and burdens of Data Management. Traditionally, companies and agencies housed and managed their own data within…

Making Sense of Block Chain


Block chain is a pretty awesome technology that essentially creates an infinitely audit-able record of data (aka: Block) linked through and secured through cryptography (aka: Secure Keys) creating a constant chain. The first real commercial use of the technology is, of course, Bitcoin which creates block chains of financial transactions. Each successive block of data…

Moving to the Cloud: Moving the Future Forward

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An overview on how to analyze and define the road map to achieve your organization’s goals in a cloud environment. DID SOMEONE ORDER A PEPPERONI PIZZA? Introduction Several technologies are rapidly evolving, such as blockchains, machine learning, internet of things and SQL-less data, but nothing compares to the transformation and evolution of cloud architectures in…