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Sounds a bit like Happy? You’d be right. We are passionate about creating positive experiences and happy people in the problems we solve. It also honors the address of Cambria’s headquarters at the corner of 8th and K Street – in the heart of “The Kay” in downtown Sacramento.

Don’t Worry

Be Kappy

An Innovation Lab Dedicated to Serving the Public Good in a Virtual World

You may be thinking: another Innovation Lab? Not so fast. Kappy is among a select few privately-funded innovation labs solely dedicated to servicing the public good. Cambria is offering an immersive environment, the latest approaches in design thinking and cloud technologies, and resources for clients, our staff, and the community to solve some of the most complex problems in the public sector. This year, COVID-19 has changed the way the world views innovation and work. So, not only is Kappy exclusively focused on GovTech, but is also dedicated to helping governments innovate virtually.

We have an engagement model, tools, and approaches for innovating in a virtual world and we built a cool, innovative, physical space where we can collaborate. Now we’re building and utilizing tools to re-create our innovative space in the virtual world.  You can work with us from your office, from schools or other venues, your desk, or your kitchen table.

Project 19th

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Kappy Launches

Project Nineteenth

We are proud to announce our first major Public Good project! Honoring the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, Cambria has launched Project Nineteenth in collaboration with USC Price in Sacramento.

Innovation Starts Here

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We modernize government.

We use the latest approaches such as design thinking, lean start-up, prototyping, and discovery. We combine that with modern technologies such as cloud-first, open source, and lean-agile development to rapidly build solutions.

The results are unique collaborations and partnerships, removal of barriers, and solutions to the complex problems that face our world.

Website Kappy Innovation HowWeAreDifferent

Two big ways.

1) We offer our lab in both a physical AND a virtual setting.
2) Kappy isn’t used just to to develop commercial products for profit; rather, we build and provide them for the public good.

Website Kappy Innovation FeelinKappy

More than an innovation lab.

It’s a positive creative space that supports learning, design, technology, art, communication and community. We’ll open our doors (physical and virtual) to support unique creative endeavors. These might include a photoshoot, a podcast studio, a pop-up art showing, a guest lecture, gaming night, or a rooftop teambuilding session. (Note: these sessions are extremely limited while COVID precautions remain in place).

Trends and Opportunities

Remote learning and working are becoming the “new normal,” and the need to innovate and modernize has never been more critical. It begs the question: with disruption, how do you still find ways to grow? See some innovative ideas from around the world.

Ready to Jump In?

Kappy is about getting things done, and having fun doing it. Our Kappy practitioners, facilitators, and solutionists combine a happy, innovative approach to the most urgent problems of the day.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do, we’d love to hear from you.